No Place To Hide (Rocking Racers Book 2)


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McKnley was down and out. Her old friend Cole sees the real her. He sees her fears that no one else does because as a rock star she is good at putting on face. Can Cole help McKnley and bring her out of the past? All he wants is to help her like he did when they were kids. Only now itis so much more at stake. Great moving story.

Reviewed by Angela L - Rating 5 Stars

Cole and McKnley. Two people thrust into the unwanted pap world but no other that than Kns mum. Several incidents later and the strain shows. You cannot help with ride with the emotions, wanting them to be the normal couple they so desperately want. In McKnleys case to put the persona to bed. You see several strained relationships but more relationships become closer. Great read!

Reviewed by Katy - Rating 4 Stars

Cole Matthews and McKnley Rhodes were childhood friends who were torn apart and neither really understands why until they meet up as adults. McKnley is the lead guitarist in a band with her sisters and their domineering mom is their manager. Cole is an up and coming racing star. As secrets to why they were torn apart come to light both must find it inside themselves to either forgive what happened in their past or never be together. Past characters from book one show up but it's not necessary to read to follow along with this book.

Reviewed by Letty - Rating 3 Stars

Cole story started as a touching one, a young boy and girl and their friendship are broken apart by their parents. I couldn't connect to Mknley much. Her character was okay but something just didn't grab me. Cole I liked a lot. He was cheeky, and funny. Again, the author's writing is very captivating, her attention to details is really good.

Reviewed by Yericka - Rating 3 Stars

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