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See what our review team is saying about Obsession


I felt so many emotions with this book which proves to me how good it is! Yet again there were twists in the plot that i never ever would of guessed and that to me makes this 5 stars! I love unpredicable but then i love how they bring it all together seamlessly. I was on the edge of my sofa through a lot of this and i wont give away one thing from this book because i suggest you get your one click finger ready! The only thing i am annoyed about it the fact i want Jets book and i want it now !! Haha

Reviewed by Katy - Rating 5 Stars


Another well written, hold on tight for a convoluted ride story. I love the back story and that this not just a typical romance story. There is a lot of meat in the story, action and hot sex. Bracken is a strong alpha, and although I love alphas, he was a bit too strong for me. Some of the scenes disturbed me a bit, but that is on me. Just not my cup of tea. The overall story was exciting and I can't wait to read Jet's story.

Reviewed by Dawne - Rating 4 Stars



This series just keeps getting better! I LOVE case, but Brecken?? he could melt your panties with one look. this book has everything, it's suspenseful, it's hot, there's danger, there's a protective alpha male, twists and turns everywhere that you wouldn't see coming.

I wish I could give more stars to show how amazing this book is ❤

Reviewed by Charlotte - Rating 5 Stars


I think I need a cold shower after this book. Brecken - That man could melt icebergs with his fucking hotness and flood the damn world. This book is full of complete Alpha Male Dominance, but every Alpha needs a week spot and for Brecken that weak spot was Skye. I loved the banter back and forth between the two especially her stubborness. This book was full of some twists and turns some of which I didn't see coming. The sex scenes in this were fucking panty melting, ovary exploding, scorching fucking hotness. Some of my commentary while reading this book. That bitch That motherfucker Oh my god You get the point. We also get introduced to a new character in this series, Jet and let me tell you he made me laugh while also had me wanting to know more about him. I'm ready for the next one.

Reviewed by Melissa - Rating 5 Stars


Obsession is the 2nd book in the Seven Deadly Sins series. Brecken's story can be read as a STANDALONE! I have lost those who I have loved. I have bled for those I hate. I have lied to those who are honest. What am I? You're a sinner dressed in white. You’re a ghost in the night. You're the demons that I fight. Who are you? Both of us were sinners. She was hell-bent on revenge, and I was determined to let her have it. She was a beautiful sin that alone would be my damnation. And for her, I was willing to dig my own grave. She took what little pride I had left and made me look like a fool. I lusted for a taste of her darkness, for it was the same color as mine. I envied the way she was able to say no, as if she really meant it. I will endure the wrath of having her no matter the cost of my greed. But I have always been a glutton for punishment without any propensity of sloth. She became my obsession and like any other drug, she took all the pain away but brought me to a new level of low. Too bad falling in love with her brought on a different kind of hell that I wasn’t sure we would live through. We were both running from a past that was going to tear apart out future. What I thought was going to be a beautiful beginning turned out to be a torturous end.


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