Once Upon A Rock Star


J.L Berg, Kathy Coopmans, Molly McAdams, Erin Noelle, Jessica Prince, Yessi Smith, Rachel Van Dyken, Jennifer Van Wyk, Kristin Vayden

This anthology is chalked up full of rock star goodness. 9 sweet, sinfully addicting stories from 9 great authors. Each story unique but each one so sooo good giving you a bit of everything. With stories that will have you completely smitten and satisfied to some that will have you craving more. Whether you have read anything else from these authors or not this is one anthology that you definitely should read. J.L Berg's The Realtor and the Rock Star is fun and hot and I definitely need more from her. I loved the fact that in this one the heroine was the rock star. She gave me just enough to get me addicted but wanting so much more for these two characters because that ending was hot fire. The Right Direction by Kathy Coopmans was a promise of what I think is some angsty goodness. A second chance romance that I can't wait to get my hands on. Roman and Joslyn definitely have a past and I need to see how this story unfolds. Rebel by Molly McAdams, I loved that we got a story with Libby from her Redemption series. And Libby and Maxon have this chemistry that seriously had me gushing. With some push and pull with these two and some intense moments, this one had me on edge. Even though this was a short and quick read it was full of ups and downs and I loved it. Erin Noelle's Rocking the Racer. Now dayummmm this one is a rock star and a race car drive. This story was sexually charged and had all the passion and lust with an ending that made you say OH Shizz !!!!! Jessica Prince's Play Me has Maddox and Reagan and it's the kind of instant attraction that is undeniable. The way these two meet and how this story ends. I can tell you that I am praying and begging that we get more soon. I'm so ready for more from these two. What About Us by Yessi Smith, Brandon and Maria these two and their story literally pulled at my heartstrings. Maria's story is a little bit heartbreaking and her strength is amazing. Enter rock star Brandon and I think that maybe my ovaries have exploded a bit. Because SWOON !!!!!!!!!!!!! The Song by Rachel Van Dyken. This was sweet, funny and sooo adorable. With characters from her Seaside Pictures series. I absolutely adored seeing them again and this story will make your heart full of love. To Feel Loved by Jennifer Van Wyk. This is the first I've read of Jennifer Van Wyk and I fell in love with the amazing family in this book. Brandon and Savannah have a sweet romance, these two just fit so perfectly and I definitely am going to be looking up more of her books. Cardinal Sins by Kristin Vayden. Short, sweet but I loved this second chance story. There is a lot of bitterness surrounding Jaya and Cardinal at the beginning of this. But the story that unfolds is one that is just lyrically beautiful. These two overcome a past full of hurt and betrayal and loved how this was told. Seriously all these stories were amazing. As I said above so much goodness wrapped up in one book.

Title: Once Upon A Rock Star
Authors: J.L. Berg, Kathy Coopmans, Molly McAdams, Erin Noelle, Jessica Prince, Yessi Smith, Rachel Van Dyken, Jennifer Van Wyk & Kristin Vayden
Genre: Rock Star Romance