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Poets Pass

Review - Poets Pass by Hillary Devisser

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This was my first book by this author, and i will say it definitely won't be the last. Hillary didn't only give you one story in this book, but a couple. yes there was the main story of Jake and Avery, but there was also the story of Jake's mom Ruthie finding love again. i love that there was many different layers to the story that each of the characters added, that there wasn't a part that hold my attention. i enjoyed the story of the main characters coming together. one deciding to give love another chance after being destroyed the last time around, and the other one finally allowing herself to fall in love.


This is the first book I have read by Hillary DeVisser and I know that it will not be the last. I loved this story! Avery and Jake are a great couple. Jake is a police officer who just moved back to the small town he grew up in after a terrible divorce. Avery is a therapist in the small town who enjoys the peace and quiet. That all changes. She now has a large family move in next door. They take the loner Avery in and in their group she meets Jake. I could not put this book down until I was done. It is so good. I need to read the rest of the Coal County Series!


Dr. Avery O'Gara is a psychiatrist who doesn't trust men any further than she can throw them. She prefers her boundaries high and her trysts without emotional ties. She likes her privacy and values her independence above all else. Avery's home in the country is her sanctuary, her escape from the emotional overload of her job. Her sense of peace is destroyed, beginning with the appearance of muddy boot prints outside her window. Recently divorced, Officer Jake Marcovic needs a change of scenery. He leaves Chicago and his manipulative ex-wife behind for family and a much slower pace of living. Relocating back to his rural roots, he sees women as money-hungry opportunists and avoids commitment like the plague. His focus is on establishing himself in his once-familiar community and enjoying the women who appreciate a man in uniform. When high walls are built up to protect hearts, what happens when they come crashing down?

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About the Author

Hillary DeVisser is a Midwestern native in love with her neck of the woods in southern Illinois. Rolling hills, cornfields and a slower pace of living serve as the perfect backdrop for writing small-town, second chance romances. She's always dreamed of being a writer and is ecstatic to bring to you the first three books in her Coal Country series. She's written three contemporary romance novels: Fishing Hole, released in 2015, Copper Creek, released in 2017, and Poets Pass, released in 2018. In the Coal Country series we meet characters who experience life-changing obstacles and come out swinging. While many would let the fire die out, they refuse to be broken down by what life hands them. After all, laughter, desire and love make life worth living. There are several more stories in the works, including at least one more in the Coal Country Series. She hopes you love reading her books as much as she loves writing them.

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