Pretty New Doll


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Sweet mother of fuck !!! Are you kidding me right now !!! Just when I thought this can’t possibly get more twisted it does and fuck me if i didn’t devour this book with my eyes wide open worried I would miss a thing if I blinked.

Benny is back and if that wasn’t enough of a trip well let’s just add in some more disturbed, twisted oddly and borderline insanely poetic? And what you have is another dark masterpiece from these two.

I mean what in ever loving hell. This book has a ton of twists and just when you think you know WRONG!!!

Benny what can I say about Benny other than he’s severely disturbed but he wouldn’t be Benny if he wasn’t and we would have this book. His obsessions run deep and even dare I say are even more intense in this book.

He’s needing a new doll to feed his need and what happens is insanity. This is were the weirdly poetic I was spewing comes into effect.

There are some newbies introduce to us in this deliciously tormenting story. They all play a roll and add to this already dynamic situation.

It’s jaw dropping, almost frightening and brilliantly twisted.

My Rating

Reviewed by Mel