Pretty Stolen Dolls

Book Review


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This book is all sorts of crazy good. It’s suspenseful, edge or your seat, heartbreaking, shocking, and I couldn’t stop reading it.

This book is very dark but so brilliantly written.

Benny oh I hated Benny down to my soul. He’s vile and I’m not sure whether I want him to burn in the fiery pits of hell or get the help I think he may so desperately need. That’s the thing about this I already feel like there something sad behind his horrific ways that may have led to him becoming this monster.

Jade the guilt, the determination she has to find her sister and bring Benny to justice is admirable. However at times I was worried that she would absolutely lose her mind. I can’t even imagine how I would feel if it were me in her shoes. I mean how do you not crumble and feel like at times you are going insane.

Along the way I find myself seeing a hero that has me all fired up in such a good way. What’s a dark romance without a swooony hot hero am right?

This story has me completely sucked in and that ending OMFG. I have no idea where this is headed but I’m definitely going to find out where this dark twisted road will take me.

K Webster had become one of my favs when t comes to books that dare to be dark, taboo, edgy and insane at times. This is my first book by K Dukey and I will definitely be checking out other books by her.

Loved everything about this book and if your a fan of the dark romance and love reading something that has you pretty much freaking out then I would recommend this book.

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Reviewed by Mel