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A Reason For Everything


See what our review team is saying about A Reason For Everything


Freaking love it! It started off heartbreaking, but my god it soon turned to laughing at loud. This gangster gran had my sides splitting. Gah, i love her. Very romance based and very funny. Did i mention i love it?


I absolutely loved this book. I felt so bad for Willow and how her husband treated her. The title of this book says it all. A reason for everything. Meeting Jesse is her "reason for everything." He comes into her and the kids lives and changes everything. He brings back happiness to all of them and helps repair the things needed to be repaired. In the end she finds herself again and her children find their happiness again as well. This book made me have so many feels good and bad, I really enjoyed reading this book. I definitely recommend reading this book.


Willow was happily married with two adorable children but her life took an unexpected turn. Leaving her utterly devastated. In her time of need she turned to the one person who had always been there for her, the one person who had never let her down, her beloved, Nan. Packing up her life to move in with her seemed a great idea. A chance for her and the children to heal, to start afresh. What Willow wasn't expecting was to be attracted to the new neighbour who had moved in across the road. Jesse. Jesse was determined to show Willow that all wasn't lost, instead wanting to show her that she had everything to gain. Jesse wanted Willow to take a chance on him but was she ready to put her heart on the line? Was she willing to put her love, trust and faith into a man who had the power to ruin her beyond repair?


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