Renner's Rules

Review - Renner's Rules by K. Webster

This is a short and quick taboo read. It’s filled with a ton of sexy moments that are definitely hot and K Webster is great at writing some steamy steamy moments that will make you all Hot and bothered. I liked this story and the premise behind it unfortunately for me I did have trouble getting fully invested with the two of them, which pains me because I love K. Websters taboo reads. Perhaps because it is a such a short story and with that being said there is not a lot of time necessarily to dive further into this and there didn’t seem to be a lot of consequences once they were discovered and I think for me I needed to see that. That being said however if you are looking for a short and steamy read then I do think that you would enjoy this book.

Renner's Rules by K Webster​ is LIVE!


I’m a bad girl.

I was sent away.