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Revealing You


Revealing You is a continuation of Keegan and Jack's story. I loved the progression of their story and really enjoyed the ride. Keegan can you give you whiplash trying to keep up with how she feel's about Annie. At times I just wanted to shake her and tell her to "suck it up buttercup"! I did feel like Kyle and Sean kind of got left behind in this story. With the blended family and so many conversations about making sure the kids were good, it would have been nice to have them a little more present. Although Keegan taking Kyle as her date to the big event at the end was so sweet. I also appreciated the how by the end their "family" had grown by including everyone. It's how it should be.


Wow, this book certainly has your emotions going haywire. The constant up and downs leave you reeling. That to me, is a great book. One that you really do not want to put down because you are scared of missing something. A great storyline. Loved it.


Keegan and Jack find their way back to each other and start a new life together as man and wife, thinking that all their pain from the past is behind them. Keegan tries to build a future with Jack but is distracted by the many unanswered questions that she still has about her ex-husband, Will Henderson’s death. A state police investigator, Will was shot and killed at the hand of his childhood friend and drug dealer Troy Martin while working undercover. To help find the answers she seeks, Keegan decides to write the book, Ultimate Cost. Keegan’s book reunites her with a former boyfriend who provides new opportunities that she never before envisioned for herself. In the meantime, a woman from Jack’s past reenters his life, only for him to discover that she has been harboring a secret ever since their breakup eighteen years ago. Keegan’s and Jack’s happiness is put in jeopardy as their heartaches of yesterday continue to haunt their dreams for tomorrow.


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