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REVIEW: A Wish For Us by Tillie Cole

Mel's thoughts...

A Wish For Us will have your emotions at an all time high. The storyline itself is super unique and will definitely give you the feels. It’s beautiful, raw, and powerfully gripping. With some unexpected moments that literally had me in shock. I’m talking hand over my mouth ohhhh reactions. Definitely a read that took me by surprise mind you I didn’t read the blurb and went in blind with this one as I generally liked to do. While it did for me start off a bit slow it didn’t take long for me to get engaged wanting to find out how this story would play out while in the back of my mind having that feeling that I would be in store for some gut wrenching moments. I mean it is a Tillie Cole book after all and I’ll tell you it definitely played out as one. Loved this book it definitely got me right in the feels.


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