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REVIEW: Austin by Jeannine Colette & Lauren Runow.

Title: Austin

Author: Lauren Runow

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Publication Date: Sept 20, 2018

See what our team is saying about Austin

A story packed with great characters with troubled pasts and presents. These two were certainly a perfect match. It also stands out a little from the regular billionaire stories with the Fast and the Furious kind of theme. Lastly, what an ending! Who is the mysterious boy?

This the first book I have read by Lauren Runow and I Loved it. Business man by day, Street racer by night Austin Sexton who goes by Falcon set up illegal street races. Jalynn goes to her first race to see what all the hype is about and accidentally cause Falcon to false start. It just gets better and better after that. Jalynn is funny and strong and doesn't take anything from Austin. She throws everything back at him. The quick witted banter goes on throughout the story. I really loved the start of this series and can't wait to see what happens with the other brothers.

Austin may be a searching for the adrenaline high when he does street races but he is also a businessman trying to keep his mom's dream alive. Jalynn is trying to pursue a career in journalism and lucks out when she gets the job as an assistant to the President of Print Publication at Sexton media. Jalynn goes to a street race and messes up the race for the famous, Falcon, and life for her gets more exciting and complicated. The banter between the characters was fantastic and the flow of the progression of their relationship was great. I would've liked to have read more about Jalynn's childhood instead of the small snippets here and there. Fantastic book with wonderful characters!

A millionaire hiding a secret life, a sassy gal hiding her own issues. When they connect it will leave your heart racing. The banter between Austin and Jalynn was funny, sweet, and schmexy! A fun story that's a great light read and the last line in the epilogue definitely leaves you wanting to know Bryce's story.

A story of fast, street car racing and a broken man who has gone through life with no one he can rely on. A gorgeous girl with chutzpah, who loves and is loyal to her own. A secret life, separate from the million dollar business man, and how in the end love can conquer all. "Now, tell me another one of your secrets."

You will love Austin and Jalynn from the beginning. The banter back and forth was perfect. There was so much to love about this book. Fast cars, billionaires and secrets. Perfect combination for a great story!!❤️

This book was SO GOOD!!! I absolutely love street racing and adored the plot of this story. Jalynn was a great female lead. Sassy, spirited, and totally kick-ass. However, she was so soft and loving, too. Austin, well, what can I say about him? He was all kinds of swoon-worthy male lead. A smart-ass mouth, irritable, but with a different side that he rarely let anybody see. Loved this book, and a definite five-stars for me.

This was even better than I originally thought. I was mildly interested when reading the synopsis, but Austin and Jalynn completely blew me away. There’s so much chemistry between them that’s instantaneous, yet also frustrating because of course, they’re fighting against it. It’s not much of a fight though, considering how obvious it is that they want each other. Anyway, I’d definitely read this again. All of you should read this too.

Jalynn I’m the girl who’s always picking up the pieces of other people’s mistakes. Until tonight. I accidentally cause one false start, and now I’m being pulled into a guy’s car—who everyone only knows as Falcon—before an illegal street race. He may not want anyone to truly know who he is, but he’s met his match. Game on, Falcon. Austin People know I run these races. They know not to mess with me, or my car. When the identity of the girl who causes a false start is revealed, I have to make an example of her. Letting her see who I am was never the plan. Neither was running into her the next day as my brother’s new assistant. She said she wanted nothing to do with me, but when I yank her into a janitor’s closet, making sure she keeps my secret is the last thing on my mind. She wants my secrets, but my racing may be the last thing I try to hide.

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Lauren Runow

Lauren Runow is the author of multiple Adult Contemporary Romance novels, some more dirty than others. When Lauren isn't writing, you'll find her listening to music, at her local CrossFit, reading, or at the baseball field with her boys. Her only vice is coffee, and she swears it makes her a better mom! Lauren is a graduate from the Academy of Art in San Francisco and is the founder and co-owner of the community magazine she and her husband publish. She lives in Northern California with her husband and two sons.

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Jeannine Colette

Jeannine Colette is the author of the Abandon Collection - a series of STAND-ALONE novels featuring dynamic heroines who have to abandon their reality in order to discover themselves . . . and love along the way. Each novel features a new couple, exciting new city and a rose of a different color. Look for Pure Abandon (New York,) Reckless Abandon (Capri,) Wild Abandon (Napa,) Sinful Abandon (Chicago,) and True Abandon (Hawaii.) She also released Wrecked, a small town romance about feisty bartender and the sexy cop she can't stand. Be on the lookout for the Sexton Brothers Series — Austin, Bryce and Tanner! A graduate of Wagner College and the New York Film Academy, Jeannine went on to become a Segment Producer for television shows on CBS and NBC. She left the television industry to focus on her children and pursue a full-time writing career. She lives in New York with her husband, the three tiny people she adores more than life itself, and a rescue pup named Wrigley.

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