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REVIEW: Breaking The Limits by Stephanie Nichole

Series: James Brothers

Author: Stephanie Nichole

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Publication Date: September 2, 2018

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These James brothers are difficult to love,but worth the effort. Their relationship certainly took a few hits along the way, but their love and chemistry was obvious. I missed the others brothers presence in this book though, they had such a large role in Jagger's boom. Looking forward to the rest of the brothers to getting their turn.

How can two people frustrate you so much and cause you to cheer them on at the same time?? Ace and Kynlee are both afraid of commitment but are drawn to each other anyway. Acye has a hard shell to break through as he still grieves the death of his mother. You can't help but want to hold him. At the same time he uses that as an excuse to not get close to people, and you want to shake him. While this can be read as a stand alone, you really need to read the first book so you understand some of the back story. I am loving this series!!!!

Ace James is the definition of a bad boy. Kynlee Adams is the definition of an attention whore. Ace James loves three things in this world aside from his brothers, tattoos, cars, and music. He swore he’d never fall in love after losing his mom to cancer while he was still a kid. He dates, he hooks up but nothing else crosses his mind. No serious relationships and no love until Kynlee Adams shows up and turns his world upside down. Kynlee is no girl next door. She’s returning to L.A. fresh out of high school to live with her best friend and pursue her goal of becoming a playmate. Kynlee lives for the attention she gets from guys, she needs that attention to feel confident in her own skin. Before her family moved during high school she had wanted on guy…Ace James. Now, that she’s back she still wants the one guy she never got. Ace and Kynlee find themselves in uncharted territory as their relationship begins to bloom but not without obstacles. Kynlee is in love with Ace but Ace can’t say the words leaving her to question their entire relationship. Add in a co-worker hell-bent on making Kynlee his who also happens to be an enemy of Ace’s. Ace can’t understand why Kynlee needs the attention of prancing around in lingerie. Ace is jealous by nature but with Enzo pursuing Kynlee whom Ace loves even if he can’t admit it. Enzo goes out of his way to remind Ace just how unworthy he is of Kynlee. After a near death experience, Ace is more determined than ever to make things work with Kynlee but Kynlee has secrets of her own. Secrets that involve Enzo and it could end her relationship and future with Ace if they get out.

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Stephanie Nichole lives in a small town with her family in New Mexico. She graduated college in 2010 with a degree in business and accounting. However, her true passion is all things book related. As a student English and Literature were her favorite subjects. Weekly library trips with her mother also helped instill her love for books. Stephanie would look forward to summer most of all, not because she was out of school but for the summer reading groups at her local library. After a friend's encouragement she started her author journey in 2016. Stephanie is an avid book, music and old Hollywood movie lover. When she's not busy reading or writing she's probably binge watching Netflix or PassionFlix. Some of her favorite authors are: Edgar Allan Poe, Abbi Glines, Colleen Hoover, Alessandra Torre, K. Bromberg, Tarryn Fisher, Nicholas Sparks and F. Scott Fitzgerald. Stephanie also loves to connect with her readers on social media.


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