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Review: Chaos & Love by Kat Kenyon

Author: Kat Kenyon

Publication Date: January 29th, 2019

She has a dance scholarship, he has a shot as a walk on in football. They both enter the bright lights of California University and everyone wants a piece them. The pressure is on, and there's no room for mistakes. So, what do you do when you fall in love in the spotlight? The brightest futures cast the darkest shadows, and they'll need to work hard to hold on to their goals and their new love. Notice: Chaos and Love is for readers over the age of 18. Be aware that this book is the first in a series about the same couple. The story includes sexually explicit scenes, adult language, cheating, and issues related to abuse, violence, and sexual assault. Please keep this in mind as you purchase for yourself or others.

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I need the next book STAT!!!!!! I don't think I've read a book where I wanted to throat punch so many people over and over and over!! From Tyler's dad to Gabe to Shaye to Wyatt and even Tyler! I really loved the dynamic between Rayne and the team and how quickly they took her in and became family. For someone like Rayne that means so much! The characters are are so well written and you're emotions will be everywhere!! But seriously, I need the next book ..... like yesterday!


Amazing I loved this book! Lived the characters and the story line was beautiful!

Kat graduated from Cleveland-Marshall and Oregon State, go Beavers! After first attended University of Oregon. Go Ducks! As a political science major. Lord help us. As a child, she constantly had her face buried in a book, and loved mythology, religion, politics, and a plethora of other areas depending on her mood. Not much has changed. Everything is interesting and everything informs her writing. When not fighting to get her arm back from her cat Akasha, or trying to figure out what her talented hubby is up to now, she lives in Starbucks, depending on her rewards card.


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