REVIEW: Chasing Him by Kennedy Fox

Title: Chasing Him

Author: Kennedy Fox

Series: Bishop Brothers

Genre: Romance, New Adult

Publication Date: June 28, 2018

Bishop Brothers Recommended Reading Order

Taming Him (A cowboy/secret baby romance)

Needing Him (An enemies-to-lovers office romance)

Chasing Him (Single dad/nanny romance coming June 2018)

Keeping Him (Coming Sept 2018)

**All can be read as standalones but the characters do interconnect in each story.**

Mel's thoughts...

So Kennedy Fox knows that John is MINE. They knew this from the beginning even before Book 1 came out I staked my claim. And boy oh boy did they make him everything I wanted him to be and more !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I absolutely loved this story. John Bishop is the level headed twin, the responsible one and I'll tell you when Book 2 ended with a glimpse into John's book I thought OMG I can't freaking wait. When that baby ends up on his door I'll tell you I FREAKED and then thought to myself OK how is this going to go. So yeah this book immediately gets me hooked from the get go. Now enter Mila who has been hired to be the nanny and I immediately picture Kennedy Fox rubbing their hands together thinking oh we are going to have so much fun with this storyline. And they did. Mila and John have these moments between them and all I can think is ok ok do it already !!! This is almost a bit of a slow burn romance. Add in the fact it has that small element of forbidden and what you have is a deliciously tempting romance that will have you glued to the pages waiting and hoping these two figure it out. Of course there are moments where you heart takes a bit of a pounding in this one as Kennedy Fox adds in some angst and if anything it makes this book even more appealing. Chasing Him is a an endearing swoon worthy read that will delight your senses and melt your heart. These Bishop Brothers just get more and more delicious as this series goes on. I'm almost nervous for Jackson's. If the buildup we've seen is any indication of what's to come then we are going to be in for a wild ride with his book.