REVIEW: Company Ink by Kat Colburn

REVIEW: Company Ink by Kat Colburn

Great Read!

I really enjoyed reading this book. I felt bad for Dani and getting screwed over by her ex Glen and being left in a job that she hated and having some much put on her. I was really happy that she met Dan and got a friend that started to help bring out the better in her. I wished that they would of just said screw it sooner and just said how they really felt but obviously there were reasons behind that in which it couldn't happen. I could tell that Dan had a secret early on, and started to put the pieces together as the book went on. I was really glad that Dan was able to help Dani get on and in the end they both were able to get there HEA and things turned out for the better. I really enjoyed this book. I liked the twists and turns the book took it definitely kept me on the edge of my seat and reading trying to find out what would happen next in the book!

A great read

This is a great read, at so many points I thought, so it going to happen this way of that way but it didn't it keeps you going the whole way through. Dani has all the pressure of trying to work for a company she no longer believes in, a product that doesn't work to its best anymore and she can't leave because how would she then pay her mums medical bills? Dan enters into the company to head a new international department and wants Dani to work beside him on it. We spend the story going through the stages of their relationship as colleagues, friends to best friends all the whole wondering if they are going to get it on! I can't believe this is a debut novel definite well done to the author Kat Colburn

Dani Wallace was just there. She really wasn't living. She hides her true self on a daily basis, and there is a chance she doesn't been know if her old self still exists anymore. She does her job that she hates, buy only so she can pay her moms medical bills. Dan appears when Dani isn't even expecting to find someone. Working close together they find themselves forming a friendship. But Dan isn't being 100% truthful with Dani. And he knows of he wants anything with her he needs to be able to be honest with her. It is the secrets that he's keeping that keeps you guessing as to what is his real story. There is off the charts chemistry between these two. Yet Dani has her insecurities about herself that she feels she's not enough for Dan. Still