Review: Decadence by Nichole Austin

Title: Decadence

Series: Tree of Life

Author: Nichole Austin

Genre: Fantasy

Publication Date: February 24, 2019

Growing up is hard, but when you're tasked as the world’s protector while trying to juggle multiple relationships… well good luck. A world with witches, vampires, lycanthropes, and mortals lies ripped apart by self-indulgence. Seventeen-year-old Rosalyn has been protected from these things her whole life. In a matter of days her naivety and innocence is ripped from her, forcing her on a journey of self discovery. Can she survive betrayal from all sides? Will she learn to trust those she was taught to fear? Can she and her men stop the greed that fills their world from tearing it apart, or will they be doomed to watch it burn?

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