REVIEW: El Pecador by M. Robinson

Mel's thoughts...

I am completely exhausted after reading this book now don’t get it twisted I’m exhausted in a good way. I feel as though I just gone through a gauntlet. EL Pecador was a complete roller coaster of a book. From beginning to head this story is nothing but intense, emotional and full of drama and suspense. Now if you have not read book 1, El Santo then stop reading this right now and go read El Santo. Otherwise please continue while I sing M Robinson’s praises for a book that will have you throwing F bombs basically the entire way through. Damien and Amira their story is just all too much. It’s powerful and draining and emotional and full of love, lust, anger and every other emotion you can think of. These two are fire together. They hate and love with such an intensity that you find yourself completely engrossed. And as I said this book is full of land mines seemingly going off every two seconds. I couldn’t cope with it all and I couldn’t stop reading. With “truths bombs” that will have you absolutely shook. M Robinson proves exactly why she is called the Queen of Angst. And I will say this at just over halfway through this book something happens that has me absolutely losing my mind. And the way it’s written is so clever and perfect that it isn’t until a bit later on you realize exactly what she did and the first thought that popped in my head was oh wow well played Monica well played. Brilliant just Fucking brilliant. This book doesn’t stop giving even at the very end when you think oh my gawd no way wow that’s it that the real kicker WRONG !!!!!!! It keeps going and dishes out more bombs that will leave you saying oh my Fucking god !!!!!! WTF This duet was amazing and an absolute must read. EL Santo left me hooked and and entranced EL Pecador left me speechless.


So here you are…

Turning the pages, opening the next chapters of my life—wanting to know the next truths of my sins. As if the first half of my life wasn’t enough.

You. Need. More.

You want my redemptio