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REVIEW: Elements of Souls by CR Robertson

Series: The Otherworld Chronicles

Author: CR Robertson

Genre: Romance, Paranormal

Date: May 25, 2018

**This book must be read as part of the series and not a stand-alone** **Graphic language with adult content**

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Dawne's thoughts...

Wow! This book has everything you want in an epic fantasy, Paranormal book. Characters that you love and love to hate. Heroes and villains and a battle that ends the series with a bang. Really enjoyed this book.

About The Book

The Tourmaline kingdom has bided its time for centuries, awaiting the birth of the mystical twins prophesied over a millennia ago. Their combined power predicted to bring every realm of existence to their knees in submission. The only problem was neither knew who they were or what powers they possessed together. Will Morgan and Ethan find the answers of their ancestry in time? Now they have emerged the evil King Dubhshláine will stop at nothing to control his heirs. War is coming, the laws of nature are changing, and only the strongest can stand against the evil poised to take over the Otherworld. “Everyone believed that the world needed a hero to save them. To defeat evil, there had to be something stronger and deadlier. The world didn’t need another hero, it needed a monster to stalk the dark and kill the bogeyman” – Ethan Tourmaline.

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About the Author

From an early age I have loved faery tales and mythological stories - they welcomed me into their pages while I went on the adventure with the characters, mourning their loss when the book ended and they left my life. As an author, my characters walk into my life and take over my home until the book is over. They visit my life often to share more stories that need told, and it is my pleasure to share them. I hope you love my characters as much as I do, they have lived with me for a long time, and I am merely telling their stories about their time in the Otherworld. I live in a cottage near the sea. I love to write in my beloved faery garden filled with flowers, trees, birds, butterflies, and my favourite bumble bees. The cottage is in a sleepy seaside town where I enjoy walks in the sand with my beloved dog that goes with me everywhere.

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