REVIEW + EXCERPT : Gentleman Sinner by Jodi Ellen Malpas

In the tradition of The Protector, the #1 New York Times bestselling author of the This Man series delivers a steamy, suspenseful new standalone romance about a British alpha hero and the one woman who may be able to save him-as long as he can protect her from his dark past.

Gentleman Sinner, an all-new standalone contemporary romance by #1 New York Times bestselling author Jodi Ellen Malpas, is live!

Title: Gentleman Sinner

Author: Jodi Ellen Malpas

Genre: Romance

Publication Date: February 5, 2019

Izzy White knows of the darkness in this world. After all, she escaped it long ago. Determined not to let her past beat her, Izzy has a secure, stable life with a job she loves in nursing. But one act of kindness will completely upend everything she's so carefully built-putting her right back in the crosshairs of danger she's been so desperate to avoid.

When Theo Kane shows up like a knight in shining armor, Izzy can't help thinking she's been saved from one threat and exposed to another. His imposing physique, the harsh lines of his face, and the wariness of everyone who comes close are just a few clues to Theo Kane's notorious reputation. The man is positively terrifying. But with Izzy, he's tender and a complete gentleman, and her fascination with the mysterious beast of a man becomes too powerful for her to walk away.

As Theo's demons come to light, running becomes even more impossible. And yet staying together could doom them both.

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Rating ★★★

When this book hit my kindle, I was so very excited to read it. I wasn't sure what to expect as I went in blind. And I'll tell you that the start of this book had me completely intrigued. I wanted to know Theo Kane immediately and what made him tick. He's definitely an Alpha and if I'm being honest gave me those "Jesse Vibes". He didn't seem to take no for an answer and at times had those stalker/over bearing qualities. I think if you loved Jesse you will definitely feel some sort of way about Theo. Izzy, well she's definitely a survivor so I'll admit I'm a bit surprised at her quick willingness to even entertain the idea of Theo. But there's always that instinct in you that tells you that someone is safe, so I chose to believe that she's been through enough to know the difference. Now for me, my feelings on this book are a bit conflicted. One one hand I want to absolutely love it but on the other hand there were just a few things that prevented me from obsessing over it. Theo and Izzy as individuals both fascinated and intrigued me and I did love the idea of these two together. In a way I think they save one another. That being said, I found that this story took awhile to get to some of the things I really wanted to know. There was also one scene in particular that I found completely out of place and didn't really fit with the characters themselves and it threw me off to the point where it took me a bit to get back into it again. I'll also add that the secondary characters really stood out to me in this. I would love for Jesse and Callum to get a story and I'm hoping they do, I'll definitely read it. While I definitely enjoyed this book, I didn't quite feel that draw towards these two the way that I would have liked. I'm still glad that I read it and I am looking forward to what's next from Jodi.