REVIEW: Execution by Lucia Franco

REVIEW: Execution by Lucia Franco

I’ve come to the conclusion that Lucia Franco is on a mission to slowly kill her readers. There is no other explanation I can come up with for the pain filled torture that she continued to put us through with this series. Now don’t misunderstand what I say and think that I am not willingly surrendering to it because I can tell you that I am first in line to this emotional whiplash she continues to dish out. Now when I first read balance I was blown away and overcome with feelings. Like a train wreck waiting to happen I could not turn away from and I inhaled it like oxygen. How was she going to top it !!! Well she did and then some. Kova is like a guilty pleasure and holy hell I have a love / hate relationship with him in Execution. He’s crass, he’s mean and then he’s sweet and attentive. He makes my head spin. But I want more of him I literally want to drown in him. And then there’s Adrianna who I also at times had a love hate relationship with. She’s innocent and sweet one minute and then I think to myself she’s Lolita. We are still on this impending train wreck and at every turn of the page I waited with baited breath to see when that disaster would happen. Just when you think it’s happened something else comes along. It’s like the train barreling through and it hits one car and then another and then another. Oh this book made me rage and then it made me heady. It had me cursing in a language that I don’t even think existed. But it was sooo freaking good. They say good things come to those who wait and with this one it was all that I expected and then some. Shocking, sinfully seductive and full of drama. Lucia Franco delivers a forbidden tale of wanting something you can’t have and damn the consequences.

Title: Execution

Series: Off Balance #2

Author: Lucia Franco

Genre: Forbidden Romance over 18 years

Release Date: April 23, 2018