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REVIEW: Graveyard Girl by Bry Ann

Author: Bry Ann

Genre: Dark Romance Publication Date: December 17, 2018

I met the woman I love in a Graveyard at 10:30 at night… She jammed a flaming cigar into my arm for littering her favorite place. The Graveyard. I wrapped my hands around her tiny throat, expecting a man. An actual threat. But no. It was a woman. A tiny woman at that. One who spoke English, but cursed, hissed and growled in Spanish. Not a threat at all. … or so I thought. We’re not sociopaths. But we desperately wish we were. Trigger Warning: This is a dark romance. There's violence, sexual content and strong language. Be warned!

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See what our review team is saying about Graveyard Girl

Rating ★★★★

I loved that the story line was different. I loved the characters. I especially loved the ending. The letter to her young self was really touching and stoke out. I wasn't overly taken with the way the whole story was written all the way through. It seemed a little rushed in places and a touch unbelievable. But, I certainly look forward to seeing more from Bry Ann.

Rating ★★★★★

I loved this book! It was the first time I have read this author and was blown away. Marley is a young girl living on the street taking care of several young homeless children. She has a very tough life. Frances is a Mafia Capo who everyone thinks is psychopath. He’s the one they call when someone needs to be taken care of. They run into each other in the cemetery when he is on a job. He throws his lit cigar on the ground and Marley attacks him with it. The chase is on. I love all the emotions that are in this story. Marley the wild cat that is soft for the small children and will do anything to take care of them and Frances the crazy guy who loves to hurt people who has shown that he does have a heart.

Rating ★★★★★

Well, let’s start this with, I absolutely adore this author! Second, it did take me a minute to get in to the story line because it seemed a bit fast. However, it all ended up tying together and the pace was perfect.

My emotions were all over the place, my gut was in knots at some parts and I wanted to toss my kindle in others, lol. Not many books can get a rise out of me like that. I always love a mysterious man but also a man that has a heart and only certain people at certain times will see. Frances grabbed my heart and held on the entire time! Strong women always make me happy when reading. Again, not every day you meet a bad a$$ woman like that, Marley had it all!

All the characters played their part and I can’t wait to read about more of them!

Fantastic job, Bry! You’ve done it again!

Read this book! You won’t be disappointed!!

Rating ★★★

Graveyard Girl is the story of Marley and Frances. Marley is homeless and taking care of "her kids". Frances used to be homeless and is now an enforcer for the mafia. A chance meeting in a graveyard changes both of their paths. The interaction between the two is sometimes comical, but an understanding of the world they come from exist between the two. I really liked the back and forth between but Alex really stole the book for me. I loved her!! I would love to see her story and find out what happens to her. I have no doubt she took the Boss's place.

Bry Ann is a writer, psych major and yogi. She enjoys green juice, car rides, reading and all things Halloween. She has a love of giving struggling, complicated characters happy endings. She currently lives in Dallas, TX, but will probably move again... because that's what she does! Everything about weird, sexy and emotional writing makes her happy. She's very active on social media, especially Facebook, Goodreads and Instagram. She loves to chat!


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