Review: Gypsy King by Devney Perry

Title: Gypsy King

Series: Tin Gypsy

Author: Devney Perry

Genre: MC Romance, Romantic Suspense

Publication Date: October 29th

The former Tin Gypsy motorcycle club has everyone in Clifton Forge, Montana convinced they’ve locked their clubhouse doors and ripped off their patches. Everyone but Bryce Ryan. There’s more happening at the club’s garage than muscle car restorations and Harley rebuilds. Her instincts are screaming there’s a story—one she’s going to tell.

As the new owner of the small town’s newspaper, Bryce is hungry for more than birth announcements and obituaries. When a woman is brutally killed and all signs point to the Tin Gypsies, Bryce is determined to expose the club and their leader, Kingston “Dash” Slater, as murderers.

Bryce bests Dash match after match, disappointed her rugged and handsome opponent turns out to be an underwhelming adversary. Secrets are exposed. Truths defeat lies. Bryce is poised to win this battle in a landslide.

Then Dash breaks all the rules and tips the scales.

One kiss, and she’s fighting to save more than just her story. She’s fighting to save her heart from the Gypsy King.


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Melissa's Review - Rating ★★★1/2

When I saw this cover I immediately knew that I wanted to read this book. That's all it took for me. I mean just look at that cover, doesn't it call to you????

Denver Perry is a newish author to me, I've read one of her books before and I was excited to read this one. A new series with some serious promise. Gypsy King is quite different from what I've read recently which is refreshing. Romance with some suspense and mystery.

The heroine Bryce, is ambitious and determined. She's got some spunk and that strong will that I love in female leads. She goes toe to toe at times with Dash and I fist pumped and high fived her internally for not giving in.

Dash was the perfect MC Hero to me, a bit of mystery surrounding him with just enough arrogance to make him seriously book boyfriend worthy.

I particularly loved the surrounding storyline of murder and mystery. Devney throws some truth bombs along the way that kept me absorbed in what I was reading. She also sets up what I am hoping is book two quite nicely.

The only thing that bothered me with this book and left me scratching my head a bit was that there were questions left unanswered. Once I finished the book I'll be honest when I say I sat there for a bit thinking, did I miss something?? I'm hoping these questions get answered as the series continues as I feel it was a pretty big component to this book.

That being said, I definitely enjoyed the romance in Gypsy King and I wanting more, but I also need some answers.



“Beer?” I nodded to the six-pack by my boot, which now only had three bottles.

“I’ll pass.”

“More for me then.” I shrugged.

“Now that you know I don’t want a beer, take them and go home.”


“Why not?” She tapped a foot on the sidewalk. “Just hop on your bike and be on your way.”

“You weren’t here. You made me wait for you and I got thirsty. So I had to drink three beers. Can’t drive now. Someone will have to come and get me.”

“I’ll call you a cab.”


“Why?” The tapping foot got faster. God, it was fun pissing her off.

“My bike. Can’t leave it on the street. Have to take it home.”

“So you’re just going to sit on my porch until you’re sober enough to drive home?”

“If you insist.”

She growled at me, then bent low to take a beer from the pack. Off came the cap with a twist, but instead of putting it to that supple lower lip, she surprised me yet again.

She poured my beer onto the lawn.