REVIEW: Hale by K. Webster

HOW !!! How is it that K Webster always manages to push me right the fuck out of my comfort zone and get me to read and love something that I would have normally said na huh no fucking way !!!! And I’ll tell you I’ve tried a book before that deals with the topic this book deals with. It’s not exactly the same in terms of the situation but it’s pretty damn close and I couldn’t do it. But Hale I loved Hale. And here’s what I will say, it’s K Webster. It’s the way she writes the story. Plain and simple. She’s a master at making me feel a connection to her characters and with Hale it was no different. I felt their connection, did I agree with it ? I’m still not sure if I’m being honest and that’s why I loved this book. Because it makes you think outside of the box and it makes you feel something you didn’t think you could, would or should. This story isn’t for everyone that’s for sure. Ask me a few years ago hell ask me yesterday and I would have said hell naw if I’m being honest. But it’s K Webster and I love her and I know she pushes the boundaries and if anything I think after reading this I love her even more. Who knew that was possible. Her writing is just brilliant. Just when I think I won’t read a certain topic she says now come on Mel sure you can. She’s a book seductress.

We were so caught up with this book that we reached out to K. Webster to ask her a few of the burning questions that we simply had to know the answers to. Check out below for our interview with K. Webster about Hale.

Interview With K. Webster

Mel: Hale, was a simply amazing read, and I absolutely loved it. Tell us a little bit about it?

K. Webster: Awesome! Hale is a unique, unconventional, intense, and emotional love story…between a brother and a sister.

Mel: Hale and Rylie’s story is very Taboo. How did this storyline come to you?

K. Webster: A lot of my storylines are bred from wanting to read something that’s simply not out there. I hunt down taboo stories only to find there isn’t a lot of what I’m looking for available to me. So, that starts the need. Then, a song. Pinterest. An idea. It all begins to blend together into something more. With Hale, my husband was trying to learn how to play “High and Dry” by Radiohead on the guitar so it was on repeat. The song is what started the story to flow and then it just built from there.

Mel: What sorts of research did you do in regards to this particular storyline?

K. Webster: For one, I researched and read other books out there with same subjects, just to see what happened. Sadly, many end tragically. I also researched laws all over the US to see what was allowed and what wasn’t. But the biggest thing I researched (in all my books) is the psychology that goes into the characters’ behaviors because I feel that is important to express properly.

Mel: You are known for pushing the boundaries often in some of your books, what compels you to do so?

K. Webster: I write what calls to me. Sometimes, what calls makes people cringe. Sometimes it makes me cringe and I wrote it. But I never stifle my characters. I never write for sensationalism. I love to make people think, though. I love having them consider things from all angles. It’s challenging to me.