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REVIEW: HIS by K.M. Keeton

Krista's thoughts...

His is the story of Lana, Allen and Donovan. It was a good story, interesting characters, but I felt like there could have been more. I like the interaction between Lana and Donovan. I would have liked to have seen some of the story from Donovan's POV throughout the story rather than just the end. It was a first read of KM Keeton's for me, but I will read her again.

Katy's thoughts...

I hold my hands up and thought I really will not like this book. That is only because of the whole wondering eye thing. But I was pleasantly suprised. It was tastefully done. A Dom bringing out the Subs confidence which makes her life fuller by being able to do other things in her life to make it more enriching. It wasn't sleazy as I was expecting which is great.

A good read

HIS: Kaleidoscope of Desire Novella

(A Kalidescope of Desire Book 1)

Lana never expected for her life to take the turn that it did. Being married with children she had no business to have a wandering eye, but the day Donaven stood in front of her, she felt an instant connection, a longing desire. After many months she finally lost herself in his world, discovering the woman she was always meant to be. Donaven from the beginning knew the outcome of the end, yet there was no stopping him from his Lana, his Wildling. Not a HEA, but you can keep the H for Hope…

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About K.M. Keeton

K.M. Keeton is a thirtyish something that in fact hated reading until she was on a trip to the library forced upon her at the age of 10. She wandered to the free book wrack, pulled a book out not knowing it would change her life forever. It was much later that she decided to put her wild imagination to work to write her own stories, and It wasn't till she was thirty that she realized life was too short not do what she found now a passion. K.M. writes contemporary, erotic, romances. She is also a wife, mother, and artist when the mood strikes.

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