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Review: In Too Deep by Dr. Rebecca Sharp

Series: Winter Games

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Publication Date: February 5, 2019


My life had been a series of unfortunate events: Some of them out of my control, some of them entirely my fault. I was only weeks away from being able to take my daughter and finally be free from the past that had imprisoned us. And then Tamsin Lucas showed up on my doorstep, looking every inch the innocent angel yet begging to be ruined. I told myself I could live not knowing her secrets or the reason for her hurt. And I swore I could survive never touching her again. Until I needed her to homeschool my daughter. Now, every day, I’m fighting to rein in my desire for the woman who’s always been perfect and protect her from those who are out to destroy me. Tammy was too good to want someone like me. But what if I was too bad to care to stay away?


Making the right choice was the slogan for my life and the motto for my soul, until all the right decisions led to a very wrong result. In the moment when life felt like a catastrophe, I ran to him. Nick Frost. The callous man who was colder than the mountain and possessed more secrets than it did snowflakes. For one night, I traded sense for sensibility and my well-kept order for his comfortable chaos. I thought one night and one wrong choice would be enough until he became my boss and wrong began to look a lot like right. With every day that passes, I learn there’s more to his story than the world knows and more to the unquenchable desire being written between us. Nick was too bad to want someone like me. But what if what we had was too good to keep me away?

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Rating ★★★★★

Oh my! I love this book! Very well written! I recommend you read this!

Dr. Rebecca Sharp is an International Amazon Best-selling author of contemporary romance. By day, she is also a doctor living in Pennsylvania with her husband. Growing up, she always loved a good love story and let's face it, when you include a romance novel on your 8th grade summer reading list just to see if the teacher would notice (she didn't!), she was bound to give writing one of her own a go. She also enjoys traveling with her husband, snowboarding, and cooking.

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