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Review: Jillian's Song by Susan A Buchanan

Genre: Erotica

Publication Date: January 31, 2019

Jillian Whalley has lost a lot in recent years; she’s lost her parents to a drunk driver. She’s lost her brother and best friend to his active service in the US Air Force, and she doesn’t know when she’ll see him again. She’s given up her position at Scotto, Whalley & Brown to panic attacks, unable to step foot inside her own office. If she’s following her mother’s philosophy, her Life Song is no longer playing; her music has gone away.

In life, we are often blessed with a host of friends who are like family and Jillian has those in abundance. They help her find her way back to her music and her Life Song. She also meets Reid Stewart, the actor she’s had a crush on since her teens. The attraction is instant, and he refuses to let her slip through his fingers. Reid offers her romance, passion and an all-consuming lust that she’s never known.

When life goes off the rails, sometimes it takes; crazy friends and family, a brand-new romance and some interesting clients to get you back where you belong, hearing your Life Song and realizing that your music is not gone.

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Jillian is a smart, educated and hot woman. Reid Stewart is a movie star she has crushed on forever. When Jillian is assigned to be his assistant and help him get moved to the US sparks fly. Reid has his sights set on Jillian, but she is trying to keep things professional. How long can she keep that up? This was a cute story. I love when Jillian put Reid's mom in her place! Great story and great characters!!

Susan A. Buchanan, a Brooklyn native, lives and works in bustling and exciting New York City. She loves all the museums, restaurants and galleries the city offers and appreciates her time with family and friends. However, her love affair lies with her laptop and the characters in her imagination. She's in love with her strong alpha males and her quick-witted, smart and sexy heroines that she brings to life in her free time. Susan enjoys her couples giving into their sexuality and pushing each other's boundaries as they explore desire and passions.


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