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REVIEW: Kill or Be Killed by Bry Ann

Author: Bry Ann

Genre: Gothic Romance Publication Date: March 18, 2019

Scarlett: Love doesn’t make sense to me. Like, what, your heart pitter-patters a few times and your brain loses all sense of reason. It just joins in on the torture. No thank you. I'm hot. I f*ck. That’s ALL I do. I'm not bitter. No one dumped me. I’ll give you a hint what screwed me up so bad… DEATH. And that’s exactly what he is… death with muscles and enough physical scars to match my emotional ones. Tobias: I was tortured for years on end. Beaten within an inch of my life more times than I can count. I became a monster. A beast who craved to hurt people like I was hurt… Until I meet sex on heels and all I want to do is hurt her. F*ck her. Use her. Until I don’t. ...and that’s the part that scares me. Trigger Warning: Explicit sexual content and dark themes.

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Great Dark Read

I loved this story and if you like great characters with tragic traumatic pasts you will love Scarlet and Tobias’ story. It is a dark rollercoaster filled with all the emotions. Even though it made me cry it also had some parts that left me laughing. The witty banter between Tobias and Scarlet made them feel more real. I can’t wait to read about Anatoli in the next book.

Bry Ann is a writer, psych major and yogi. She enjoys green juice, car rides, reading and all things Halloween. She has a love of giving struggling, complicated characters happy endings. She currently lives in Dallas, TX, but will probably move again... because that's what she does! Everything about weird, sexy and emotional writing makes her happy. She's very active on social media, especially Facebook, Goodreads and Instagram. She loves to chat!


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