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REVIEW: Lines by Anna B. Doe

Title: Lines

Series: Greyford High

Author: Anna B. Doe

Genre: YA sports romance

Release Date: November 23, 2018

Senior year. Three girls. Three guys. Hockey and rivalry. Mean girls and friendships. Old loves and new chances. One more year of being invisible. One more year to win it all. The countdown begins. Senior year can’t come or end fast enough for Amelia Campbell. For the shy, nerdy girl-next-door that she is, high school is torture and all she wants is for it to be over. Having her heart broken by a popular, womanizing boy all those years ago doesn’t help the matters. Nor does his best friend who still has a habit of mercilessly teasing her. Now, she only has one year left, one year to be invisible before she can move on with her life. Derek King doesn’t do drama, but his life is all about drama once Maximillian Sanders steps foot into his town, his school, and into Amelia’s life. Max is always around, and he is making her smile again. But the boy who once broke her heart isn’t ready to let her go. Older and wiser, Derek isn’t about to let someone take away what he wants, and he wants Amelia. She's set on not believing in him and on not getting her heart broken once again. He is set on showing her wrong. She says she hates him, but maybe the line between past and present, love and hate is thinner than she ever realized.

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Rating: 5 Stars

This was my first read by this author and it won't be my last. It was a light enjoyable read that makes me want to return to high school. Looking forward to book 2

Rating: 3 Stars

An adorable and cute read. The characters were okay, sweet at times. I expected a lot more angst than what was delivered but, still a cute, fast-paced read. I didn't much like our heroine, Amelia, she was whiny and immature but, I didn't really dislike her either. Our hero, Derek, well, wasn't sold on him either, he was a follower not a leader and hated how he tried to justify his friends crappy behaviour towards other people and himself. Oh the teenage drama, the author did get that nailed right. Still, an okay and entertaining read to pass the time.

Rating: 5 Stars

Amazing, talk about a love to hate you book. I absolutely loved reading this and cant wait for book 2

Anna B. Doe is an contemporary romance author of New York Knights series. She has bachelor’s degree in education science and Spanish from the University of Zadar. She works full time in an office and gives English and Spanish classes in her free time. When she’s not working for living or writing her newest book you can find her reading books, watching TV shows, or traveling the world. She is addicted to coffee and a big lover of dogs. Anna writes what she loves to read, which is romance. She is currently working on various projects. Some more secret than others.


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