REVIEW: Lost Boy by M. Robinson

Title: Lost Boy

Author: M. Robinson

Genre: Romance, Contemporary

Publication Date: August 21st, 2018

Mel's thoughts...

Good gawd !!! I’m telling you when M. Robinson gives you a story it’s one hell of a story. Lost Boy is exactly what you sign up for when you read one of her books and what I mean is that you sign up for a whole lotta of intensity with her characters and lot of heavy and consuming storylines and some mind blowing wtf moments. Noah and Skyler’s beginning starts off somewhat sweet and it sucks you in. Their relationship only gets stronger, their connection becomes all encompassing and I’m fully invested in these two. But these two are almost their own worst enemies and man oh man. Both self destructive while at the same time these two are drawn to each other like moths to a flame. A coming of age romance that goes through hell and back and then seemingly goes through it again and again. And I felt it, the love, the hate, the self destruction, the sadness, the pain, the despair all of it. And when I was done consuming all the words I honest to gawd out loud said holy shit !!! It’s just one of those books that grabs a hold of you and doesn’t let go.