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REVIEW: Lost In The Shadows by Tracie Douglas

REVIEW: Lost In The Shadows by Tracie Douglas

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Holy Hell this book was the best so far for this series. Each book keeps getting better and better. In the previous books there was some dark subject matter that was covered. But this one has the darkest subjects.

I was sucked in from page one. I just wanted to grab Penny and hide her away to keep her safe. And Damien, well you feel what he is struggling with internally from the start. These two are both damaged, but they both are survivors. It takes them finding each other and giving into their feelings for each other, for them to finally find the way out of the shadows and to live.

Holy hell!! This is the book I’ve been dying to read. I couldn’t wait to read all about Dizzy and see him get his girl! This book is just a rollercoaster of emotions but it’s worth every minute of it. I love love love him and Penelope. Tracie give me more ❤️

Lost In The Shadows was a great read. With the worst kind of villains and the best kind of hero. This book definitely has some dark situations in it, but the hero and heroine stand out in this one. Damien was determined, he was protective and he was all around a stand up guy wanting to bring down the bad guys. When he meets Penelope, it's not flowers and roses instead its danger and despair and I couldn't stop reading. There are some truly heartbreaking moments in this book along with some moments that will make your heart skip a beat. Damien has his own demons to fight and I will say that my heart broke for him. Penelope that girl had some strength, she was a fighter and the perfect compliment to Damien. A few twists in this book hit me when I least expected and I will say this. Sometimes a villain is created from something so innocent but at the end of the day are they truly evil or a victim of terrible circumstances... You'll have to read this to find out what I mean. Overall I thought this book was great, and if you are a fan of romance reads that have a darker situation around them then I definitely suggest this book.

DIZZY IS LOST Lost in his own grief, Damien Reynolds hides the man he is behind a mask of jokes and laughter. He’s spent years fooling everyone, including himself, hiding the pain he struggles through every day. Now, Dizzy finds himself assigned to the hardest case Cole Securities has ever taken on. He’s wearing a new kind of mask, one that leaves him questioning the goodness of humankind and the world he lives in. Surviving this mission is the last thing on his mind. Until the night he’s faced with a difficult choice: To save her or not… PENNY CAPTIVATES HIM Sold by her family to a group of criminals, Penelope Lopez finds herself lost into a world so dark, very few survive. She must find the strength within herself to endure her new life, but as it is once again tossed into the winds of fate, Penny decides enough is enough and vows to fight. Even if it means losing her life. But fate has a different plan for her, one in the shape of an imposing man, who casts a shadow about her. A man who, at first sight, decides he can’t ignore the fire in her eyes and makes a vow of his own: To protect her at all costs… Will Dizzy let her into his heart, allowing her to show him there is still good left in this world? Or will the danger swirling around them be a power even love can't overcome?

I only need one reason to say yes, and even though I said no and told him it is a bad idea, the truth is, I wanted to scream "yes” the moment the words slipped from his lips.

As crazy as it sounds and is, this man, this stranger, unnerves and excites me all at the same time.

I can’t picture my life without him in it.

“Because I’m not ready to let you go yet,” he murmurs, opening his eyes, letting me see the honesty staring back at me. I gasp at his declaration, and when he continues to talk, I lose my breath. “I will stand by you and protect you. I will give you a good life until all of this can be righted. I will be your friend. I’m not your happily ever after. I’m not the man who can give you the life you dream or the family you want. Our arrangement will be in name only, but I promise, Penny, you will not walk away from our arrangement with a broken heart. I will do everything in my power to protect it.”

I close my eyes and fill my burning lungs with air. His speech started off good, but if he believes I won’t be brokenhearted at the end of all of this, he can think again. I’m already invested, and I can’t seem to figure out when it happened. It’s hard to admit, but he’s already broken my heart a little with his words.

The one thing I can take from his reason is that neither of us is ready to let the other go.

Surviving on caffeine most days, Tracie Douglas lives in the mountains of Southern California with her husband, two children, and one dog. She spends her days chasing children and the fur baby, all while maintaining the illusion of sanity.

Her nights are spent toiling away at the keyboard, creating a world filled with hot men and strong women. She loves to read and write all types of books but tends to lean on the darker side of the spectrum. She’s pretty handy with a crochet hook, too

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