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REVIEW: Manik by Amo Jones

Title: Manik

Author: Amo Jones

Genre: Contemporary Romance,

Publication Date: October 1 2018

I don’t want this to be over !!!! Manik was one of my most anticipated reads. When it comes to Amo Jones I can always count on her to deliver gritty reads with intense characters. Manik was a presence !!! I don’t know how else to describe him. Dominating, Intense and impossible to ignore. I found myself getting caught up in him, consumed by him. I couldn’t help but love him even when his actions were questionable and sometimes downright cruel. This storyline was brilliant and I’ll be honest when I say there were some twists and turns that caught me off guard and had me saying no effing way !!!!! This was just so good my one complaint is that the story ended. But when it comes to Amo Jones I find that I can’t get enough. I love her writing style and her male characters !!! Well shit they are just hot AF. And her dedication in this book is gold !!! Just had to say that as well. Loved it loved it loved it.

‘Manik, an all-new standalone Dark Romance from Amo Jones is Available Now!

I’m Beatrice Kennedy, but everyone calls me Beat. I live a low-key life, fresh out of college and drifting from town to town until I find my home.

I love music, and how it stirs even the deepest and untouched parts of your soul. Depending on what you choose to listen to, would depend on what it touches. It’s the drug we all damper in, only different strains. My strain is Jazz. The smooth instrumental strums that take over me. The sound of cigar smoke, bourbon and an old dusty fedora hat. My strain wasn’t rap, and it sure wasn’t laced with some A-class shit like murky blue eyes casted down from the Lord and the Devil’s handcrafted smile. I knew who he was—the whole world did. One fateful night set off a chain of events, events that no one was coming back from. You can’t save people who don’t want to be saved. You can’t pull them up from the ocean when they’ve latched themselves to an anchor. Love was my anchor, destruction was the water that was drowning me, and the rope that was so tightly clamped around my ankles, was woven with the lyrics of Aeron Romanov-Reed, also known as, 'Manik. He steals hearts from all around the world, but one night, he stole something that wasn’t his to steal. Me.

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Amo Jones is a small country girl totally winging this author thing (she's probably doing it all wrong). She likes cake, loves wine, and her religion is magic. She's a profound work-a-holic, but when she's not writing, you can find her chilling with her kids & partner at the nearest beach, with a cocktail in her hand.

New Zealand is not a state of Australia and rugby is the best sport ever played.

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