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REVIEW: Muse by Katy Evans

Title: Muse

Series: Manhattan

Author: Katy Evans

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Publication Date: Sept 14th, 2018

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Muse is an absolutely adorable fast paced romance that will have you squirming with giddiness. I adored this storyline, set mostly in airport this story is full of just cute moments. Rebecca is a writer and Noah is an actor both of them have missed their flight and end up spending hours together at the airport. Noah was charming and even had me chuckling with his relentless pursuit of Rebecca. He just kept pushing her buttons and wouldn’t leave her alone but I loved that about him. Rebecca is just a hopeless romantic who wants to tell an epic love story but had hit the dreaded writers block. This is a fast paced romance, it’s had some adorable moments and the ways these two pass the time until they can catch another flight. Well let’s just say it will have you freaking smiling. I’m usually not one for the whirlwind romances but this was so freaking adorable and I could honestly picture it happening for real. Sometimes you don’t need the fantasy over the top extravagant romances, sometimes the best ones take place in an airport missing your flight and bumping into the right person. Muse was just that, simple, fun and playful in the cutest way.

It was supposed to just be a quick trip to Manhattan.

My best friend was heartbroken. She needed support, and I needed inspiration. I hoped to love the city. Bustling. Crazy. Inspiring New York. But I ended up at the airport, heading home in the same condition that I arrived. In a rut.

Add to all that, missing my flight and losing my laptop—the laptop, where the Best Love Story Ever sat on my hard drive.

Enter Noah Steele. Eerily familiar. Movie star. Heartthrob. Sultry romeo with bedroom eyes. (But we’re not going there.)

He missed his flight too.

Noah is so smoldering, lip-bitingly hot, he’s not taken seriously as an actor, and is struggling to launch his career in New York.

He’s only ever had superficial girlfriends, so he’s having trouble showing true passion in his acting—the same challenge I’m having with this book.

When we met, we didn’t know that our connection would bring us the change we’d been craving.

That we’d be the very thing the other needed and didn’t know. Each other’s muse.

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Katy Evans lives with her husband and their two children plus three lazy dogs in south Texas. Some of her favorite pastimes are hiking, reading, baking, and spending time with her friends and family. She is the New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author of Manwhore, Manwhore +1, Ms. Manwhore, and The REAL series: REAL, MINE, REMY, ROGUE, RIPPED, and LEGEND. For more information on Katy Evans visit her website, and follow her on Facebook and Twitter, @AuthorKatyEvans.


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