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REVIEW: Nocturnal by Kay Elle Parker

Title: Nocturnal

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Publication Date: March 31, 2018

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This is the second novel in this series, however it can easily be read as a stand-alone novel. Each of these books is based on one of four female friends. Baylee was the first book and the second is about Allix. Allix is a fabulously strong character and I just adored her! When she meets Archer, the sexy as sin vampire, sparks fly! A brilliant read!

Wow. Hot, hot and more hot! A simple placid small town girl, has her life completely turned upside down but in the best possible way. If your looking for something steamy that'll make you blush look no further.

Allix O'Connor, queen of feisty, with an attitude sharper than her favourite hunting knife, has secrets not even her three best friends know about. Right now, she's babysitting Baylee's bookstore while her friend honeymoons with new husband Daxon, the shifter clan leader. Her world has changed completely since the shifter clan moved into Hangman's Haunt, and now the threat of war hangs over all their heads like a guillotine.

Just a few months ago, Allix would never have believed that such creatures existed. Now she's got a supernatural stalker.

Archer, a centuries-old vampire from the Ireland of old, has a mission: determine whether or not to side his coven against the new Montana shifter clan in the advancing war. Simple enough, right? Maybe it would have been, if he hadn't laid eyes on a slim blonde with a penchant for fighting him at every turn. All he wanted was to complete the mission and maybe have a bit of fun--maybe a snack--with the mortal woman who's captured his attention completely.

But when it comes to the supernatural, nothing's ever simple.

Dark secrets from Allix's past threaten to tear her apart, and shatter the easy camaraderie between Allix and her friends. Allies from Archer's past and present are gathering in the coming darkness, whispering of blood and death. Together, they must learn to trust in each other before hell comes to claim them both.

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Kay Elle Parker lives in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, with her four Border Collies. She works with horses by day and writes under the cover of darkness, often till the wee hours of the morning, spinning tales of erotic and paranormal romance (with elements of dark and BDSM).

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