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REVIEW: One Good Man by Emma Scott

REVIEW: One Good Man by Emma Scott

It's very rare for me that Novellas have a big impact with me. Don't get me wrong there is nothing wrong with a Novella it's just for me I prefer full length stories, I always find Novellas well too short for my liking and fast paced. One Good Man is full of meat, and the storyline makes it seem like a full length story. Adrien has to many layers to him, he's not your typical athlete. He has obligations and ones that come from the after affects of war. This story was beautiful, poignant and heart warming. Emma Scott truly knows how to tell a story that will affect you emotionally. One Good Man is just another great read from Emma Scott. She honestly never disappoints me. Story telling that leaves an impact.

It’s spring, 1970. The Vietnam War has been raging for years with no end in sight. Janey Martin, a California college student and aspiring journalist is tired of writing puff pieces about her university men’s sports teams. She wants to be taken seriously as a journalist and as a woman. With riots at their doorstep, her wealthy father sends Janey to the Sorbonne in Paris to finish her college education away from the chaos. Janey is reluctant to leave the Big Story that is Vietnam, but vows to prove herself. Much to her dismay, her first assignment is to interview the hotshot star forward of a local soccer team. Janey is sure Adrien Rousseau is going to be like every other playboy jock she’s ever dealt with, but quickly learns there is much more to Adrien than meets the eye. The mysterious, sexy footballer just might be the biggest story of Janey’s life.


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