REVIEW: Only the Positive by Elle Thorpe

Title: Only The Positive

Author: Elle Thorpe

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Publication Date: Sept 20, 2018

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What a truly touching tale of two devastating circumstances. This really was beautifully done. Both Reese and Low are tested in so many ways you are routing for them from start to finish.

This led me in a different direction than I originally thought starting out. I liked it, then I got a little over halfway through and it started becoming a bit repetitive. Like will they or won’t they, does he or not. That was a surprise though, with Low. Really didn’t expect that. That was a twist (for lack of a better word) I didn’t expect. To be honest though, I speed read through some seems when it seemed as though it was a repeat. But over all, it was good. It’s one of those types of books where you kind of like it and read the whole thing to see how it ends.

This one was one that will take you on a rollercoaster ride for your emotions from the beginning to the end. The chemistry between the characters was hot and you just knew that when they got together it was going to be explosive. Each of the characters had their issues that they didn't want to the other to know, but thats what makes the ride worth wild.

This was a sweet story about two people that have hard things happen to them, and not want to tell anybody because they feel ashamed. The chemistry between them was off the charts, and every time they were near each other, sparks flew. This was also a heartwrenching story, and I genuinely felt for the characters when things came to light, and I wished they would make it through. The sneak peek at the end was great too, and I can't wait for the next book.


I made a mistake that might have ruined someone’s life. I’ve moved to Sydney to avoid the glares and the questions from the people back home, but there’s one thing I can’t run from—the guilt and pain that follows me relentlessly. All I can do is dull it with alcohol and casual sex. But then my new boss, Mr Dark and Delicious, deserted me, mid kiss, with my skirt hiked up and my shirt discarded on the alley floor. I should hate him―him and the secrets he’s keeping. Bu