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REVIEW: Outnumbered by Shay Savage

REVIEW: Outnumbered by Shay Savage

Outnumbered by Shay Savage was a thrilling and unique read. Definitely not your typical romance and full of twists and turns that have you fascinated with the characters and the storyline. The two main characters in this book come with a truck load of baggage. Some would say that they are not fit to be in the general population but it's because there is a lack of understanding. Bishop has spent most of his life incarcerated and with his freedom he has chosen to isolate himself. He's definitely been misunderstood and unfortunately has been made to believe things of himself that are just not true. When he helps a woman in distress even though everything in him tells him he would rather be alone then be around others is when this book take a surprising, yet intriguing turn. As the two of them try to be get to know one another layers for each of them are uncovered. Secrets are exposed and what happens had me glued to the pages. I won't get too much into this because I don't want to spoil it but what I will say is that its been a long time since I've read a book with such a unique plot. If there wasn't romance in this book I would also say that it would make a damn good thriller as well. Outnumbered was intriguing, riveting with a storyline that kept you guessing and made you continue to read because you just had to find out how it all ends

I’m not exactly the social type. After spending most of my formative years in prison, I prefer an isolated existence in the wilderness of Canada’s Northwest Territories, making what little cash I need guiding tourists to the best hunting grounds. I have no desire for company; I crave solitude instead, especially during the subarctic winter months, but what am I supposed to do when I come across a woman in distress? I can’t just leave her to die in the cold, and a storm is on the way. So now we are confined to my secluded cabin, and I quickly realize there’s something not quite right about Seri—or is her name Netti? She switches moods faster than a snowshoe hare changes direction. In fact, I’m starting to think there’s more than one person behind the mystifying woman’s intense, green eyes. Physically, only two of us are trapped inside the rustic cabin, but I still feel outnumbered.


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