Review: Pas De Deux by Jordan Bates

Title: Pas De Deux

Author: Jordan Bates

Genre: Contemporary Women's Fiction

Publication Date: July 29, 2018

It was our dance and no one else's.

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Sweet story

Pas de Deux is the story of Lawson and Anya. Anya, a dancer in New York, and Lawson, a race car driver from Alabama, meet in a coffee shop. Two people from two completely different worlds. Their love is instant and all consuming. Anya takes a leap and gives up her life to live his. This was really a sweet story. As I got towards the end, I kept waiting for the angst and just thought it was going to be just a sweet story all the way through. Just when I get complacent, the ending totally caught me off guard! I did not see it coming at all! Hits you right in the feels. Such a great story!

Jordan Bates is an up and coming romance author from Florida, who is determined to write loves that last and are true to everyone who reads them.

Jordan graduated from UCF with a degree in English โ€“ Creative Writing. She has been writing since her freshman year in high school, where she finished her first and second book. Since then, she has pursued writing poetry, young adult novels, and romance novels.

When Jordan isnโ€™t working or writing, you can find her looking for inspiration among the forests, and finding all the new food to eat. Because whatโ€™s better than writing? Eating an amazing burrito.

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