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Review: Permission by T.M. Frazier

Title: Permission

Author: T.M. Frazier

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Publication Date: December 11th, 2018

PERMISSION, the highly anticipated conclusion of the dark and gritty Perversion Trilogy from USA Today bestselling author T.M. Frazier is available now!

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Ahhhhh what a conclusion. Tricks and Grim have found their way into my book loving soul. Permission is Book 3 and if you haven’t read Books 1 and 2 then stop and go do that. T.M. Frazier throws so more twists our way with this one and well I gotta say I didn’t see them coming. These twists though, one in particular changes things completely and just adds to this already engaging story. Grim “I dream of a man in a black leather hood, bleeding black roses, and an unbroken heart.” He is just one of those characters that you love. You fear him and want him at the same time and only Tricks can bring out a soft side to his otherwise take no prisoners attitude. This man will go to hell and back for her, damn the consequences and I for one absolutely love him for it. Tricks “I’m bruised and broken. I’m battered and battle-worn. This is who I am. You won’t hurt me. I want you to take me. Just as I am.” Her tenacity and will to survive is so admirable and she’s one of those characters that has been through hell and just when you think no one can survive this life she seems to get stronger. I love their love story. It’s messy, it’s dangerous, it’s dark and it’s full of obstacles. Absolutely one of my fav trilogies of 2018. “My Life.” “My Death.” “My Honor.” “My Loyalty.” “For us.” “For you.” “For always."

War breaks out in Lacking. The streets aren't safe.

When an unexpected person from my past arrives in town, I'm forced to make a choice between the life I've always wanted, and a life I never knew I could have.

I didn't know how strong I was until I met Grim.

But am I strong enough to live without him?

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T.M. (Tracey Marie) Frazier never dreamed that a single person would ever read a word she wrote when she published her first book. Now, she is a five-time USA Today bestselling author and her books have been translated into numerous languages and published all around the world.

T.M. enjoys writing what she calls sexy‘wrongside of the tracks romance’ with morally corrupt anti-heroes and ballsy heroines.

Her books have been described as raw, dark and gritty. Basically, what that means, is while some authors are great at describing a flower as it blooms, T.M. is better at describing it in the final stages of decay.

She loves meeting her readers, but if you see her at an event please don’t pinch her because she's not ready to wake up from this amazing dream.

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