REVIEW: Pretty Venom by Ella Fields

Title: Pretty Venom

Series: Gray Springs University

Author: Ella Fields

Genre: Romance, Contemporary

Publication Date: August 3rd, 2018

Series Reading Order

Suddenly Forbidden

Bittersweet Always

Pretty Venom

Mel's thoughts...

OK OK OK OK OK so it's been about 24 hours since I finished Pretty Venom by Ella Fields and I've now had time to absorb this book. This book WAS HEAVY. And let me tell you it starts off with a love/hate and I LIVE for the LOVE/HATE. And that LOVE well that love was amazing. But it was young LOVE. What happened next....... Let's just say I DID NOT READ THE BLURB. I usually never do. LIKE NEVER. And I think by me not reading the blurb or know anything about the book the IMPACT was LIKE A FREIGHT TRAIN. The Pain and the HURT was like being PUSHED into the water in Antarctica. Just imagine that feeling. 100