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Review: Realism: Sugar and Spice, Ink by Evan Grace

Author: Evan Grace

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Publication Date: April 2, 2019

Ordinary, typical, conformed, are words never used to describe me. I’ve never been one to play by the rules. It’s my world, my life and I do things my way.

I see the way they stare at my body covered in tattoos and my lavender hair, I just don’t give a damn. There is only one thing in this world that can get me fired up, that’s screwing with my daughter. As a single mom, it’s my job to protect her, fight for her. She is and will always be my top priority.

So, when I get a call that she’s in trouble at school, with a boy- no less, my claws are out and ready to strike. And the boy’s father, some high society stockbroker, isn’t about to deter me. I don’t care how sexy, smart and rugged he is.

Opposites may attract, and I’ve been down that road before, it’s one I never plan to travel again. A man like that would never be interested in a woman like me. That I know for certain, after all I’m a realist.



Sarah's Review - Rating ★★★★

Well, Mona was certainly special and stood out, for her love for her daughter, her individuality and her open heart for Max.

Joaq, soon realised how special she was and couldn't hold back. Iris too.

They certainly had chemistry in spades.

Briana's Review - Rating ★★★

Amicable and magnetic. I think that’s the best way to describe Mona and Joaquin. As far as first in series, I thought it was a good introductory piece for the side characters. They seemed like more of an interesting story at times where the main ones were lacking. Don’t get me wrong, I liked it. It was cute and sweet. But sometimes it was just slow. I will read the others in the series though. I can’t wait to read Nick and Sierra’s story.

Emma's Review - Rating ★★★★

An enjoyable read, and my first by this author. Quite fast paced but I kept up alright.

Will check out other Books from this Author


A Midwesterner and a readaholic most of her life. One day an idea came into her head and a writing career was born. She's a sucker for happily ever afters and loves creating fictional worlds that others can get lost in. She loves putting her characters through the ringer, but loves when they get to that satisfying, swoony ending.

When the voices in her head give it a rest, which isn't often, she can always be found with her e-reader in her hand. Some of her favorites include, Aurora Rose Reynolds, (the queen) Kristen Ashley, Kaylee Ryan, Natasha Madison, and Harper Sloan. Evan finds a lot of her inspiration in music, movies, TV shows and life.

She's a wife to Jim and a mom to Ethan and (the real)Evan, a weightlifter, a home healthcare scheduler, and a full-time writer. How does she do it? She'll never tell.


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