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Review: Rebel: A Brothers Best Friend by Brittany Crowley

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Publication Date: February 28, 2019

LEGACY I refuse to tarnish my family name. The doubts only fuel me to be the fiercest fighter anyone’s ever seen. REBEL With every hit, I’ll flip the bird at society standards, busting down the walls for a female generation to reign. DISTRACTION With my first fight looming, a little time away from the headlines is exactly what I need. It was just supposed to be a road trip with my best friends. I didn’t plan on Joss showing up, the man who blatantly turned me down on the most embarrassing night of my life. He’s here to keep me safe, and for the first time, I have nowhere to run. CAGE When the day comes, I’m going to prove I’m not just a Cage, I’m the Cage.

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Rating ★★★★★

Brittany Crowley really knocked it out of the park with this one. I absolutely loved everything about it! Rebel is the ultimate friends to lovers/brother's best friend romance and was exactly the type of read that I was looking for. Emerson Cage is a fierce fighter who aspires to follow in her dad's footsteps. She has always dreamed of fighting in the MMA and her hard work and dedication has finally paid off. But before her first fight, she decides to let loose and blow off some steam. Taking a cross-country road trip with her two best friends is just the thing she needs. At least until her long-time crush/bodyguard shows up and throws a wrench in their plans. Josiah Kent has always had a thing for Emmy, but pursuing her is simply out of the question. Not only is he her bodyguard and seven years older, but he is also her older brother's best friend. When Emmy takes off, it's his job to find her and bring her back home. It doesn't take him long, but things don't go exactly as he had planned. When he sees her all dressed up and dancing on that bar, he can no longer deny these feelings that he has. The two of them together are sizzling hot and absolutely explosive. They certainly steamed up the pages and left me begging and pleading for more. All in all, Rebel was a terrific read from beginning to end! The story-line was smart, sexy and a whole lot of fun. The characters were real, flawed and easy to relate to. I thought this was a good read to spend my afternoon getting swept up in. This was the first book I've read from this author and most definitely won't be the last.

Rating ★★★★★

Need more of this! Love the Cage family! Y’all need to grab this up!

Rating ★★★★

This book was amazing!! Emerson, Rebel, Cage is a kickass protagonist who knows exactly what she wants and will do whatever it takes to get it. Joss is swoon worthy, I'm talking alpha male, throw you over the shoulder kind of guy. He knows his mistakes and is fixing them through actions rather than words. They're the perfect couple and I would recommend this for anyone looking for a sport romance filled with HOT guys!!!

Rating ★★★

For the most part I enjoyed it. I didn't love it, but it was easy to read and the characters were enjoyable. For me, it was built on the parts I always want the badass heroine to be along with a strong male lead. It just didn't always seem to flow very well.

Rating ★★★★

Rebel is the first book by Brittany that I have read and I loved it. Emmy and Joss have this amazing chemistry. From friends to lovers romance. Throughout the story, you have the sweet and funny emotions that they both have. What I loved most about it was that Joss supported Emmy through it all and accepted her career and would do anything to protect her and that includes her family. I cant wait to go back and read more about the family stories to know more. But Rebel can be read as a standalone.

Brittany Crowley was born and raised in Massachusetts. She still lives there today with her husband and 3 kids. Getting into the world of romance after she had her first child she was completely hooked. Though she had many ideas in her head, Brittany was unsure if she had what it took to become a writer. A few encouraging words and one writing challenge later, she completed her first book. Now you can find her trying to keep up with her crazy kids and writing any chance she gets.


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