Title: Reckless Love

Author: J. Saman Genre: Romance, Coming of Age

Publication Date: June 22, 2018

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Mel's thoughts...

This one is a second chance romance and oh my heart. This one gave me ALL THE FEELS !!! I live for angst and this one definitely has it and ohhhh how that appeals to my Bookaholic soul. From the Prologue I’m hooked and I could feel that this one would get to me and did it ever. Jameson and Lyric their beginning it so sweet and and I love how they got together initially it’s one of those clutch your heart and swoon stories ya know the ones that are full of romance and melt your heart. The ones that start with as soon as I saw her I knew... and they live happily ever after. Listen don’t get me wrong I love those stories I do but I FLOVE the others one more. The ones that aren’t easy. Mistakes happen some that can tear your heart to pieces. Call me a masochist but I live for those stories. They call to me and they make me feel. This book has those ups and downs. It frustrated me at times and I wanted to kill both of them at times for decisions made and at other times I understood that the things and events that happened had to for a reason otherwise this story might not have been what it was. And it seriously has my heart pounding. I highlighted to much in this book. I loved the writing in this book, the connection between the two main characters, their story as it played out was imperfectly perfect. Real and raw and full of emotion. At this point I’m probably sounding like a broken record it it 4 am after all.