REVIEW: Reckoning by Jessica Ruben

Mel's thoughts...

OMG first Book 1, Rising was a fantastic debut but Reckoning ahhhhhhh even better. I’m utterly consumed by Vincent and Eve. Their story is full of complicated messiness but their bond is undeniable and you feel that throughout this book. I’ll tell you that as soon as I read the first few words I was immediately taken back to the ending of Rising. And just as my heart pounded at the end of that my heart raced at the beginning of Reckoning. I’ll stop you here if you haven’t read Rising go now right now and grab that book because this series is amazing and I’m in book heaven. The entire time reading this had me ready to combust. So much to this relationship and it’s surrounded by those that just want it to go away and the entire time I’m reading I’m waiting for the shoe to drop but I’m soaking everything up in the meantime. The touches, the looks, the declarations to one another. Vincent and Eve’s feelings for one another are so intense. Ahhh this series is just so good. I tried not to devour this book I wanted to savour it for as long as I could. I immediately want more and I think I might just reread this from the very beginning. It’s just that good.

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Cover by: Okay Creations

NA Contemporary Romance


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