REVIEW: Redemption by Jessica Ruben

Title: Redemption

Series: Vincent & Eve

Author: Jessica Ruben

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Publication Date: Sept 4, 2018

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Mel's thoughts...

Rising hooked me, Reckoning ruined me and Redemption !!!! Well Redemption consumed me. So the second and I mean it, the second Redemption hit my kindle I dove in and didn't come up for Air until I hit The End. One of my most anticipated reads this summer, I've been DYING for Redemption and the conclusion to Vincent and Eve. After being rocked to the core at the end of Reckoning I've been desperate to see what happens next for Vincent and Eve. So far the journey has been quite the ride. It's been 7 years since Vincent left Eve's heart shattered and me reeling from what happened at the end of Reckoning. And now well now Vincent is back and determined. They aren't college kids anymore, both grown and having spent so much time apart but the intensity is still there. I could literally feel it especially when they cross paths again. Vincent Borignone is a force, in your face the man is