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Review: SAUSALITO NIGHTS by Stephanie Salvatore

Series: Montgomery Beauty Series

Genre: Contemporary Romance Publication Date: January 12, 2019

Pages: 232

The waterfront town of Sausalito brings tourists and locals together for miles of endless views, adventures for the boaters out on the bay, and mountain hiking trails in the infamous Muir Woods for more million-dollar views with big city life just across the Golden Gate Bridge.

At seventeen, the local free-spirited, chic Lorelai Castillo loves the community she was born and raised in. With just a summer between her and senior year, she has a big decision to make about joining her father’s legacy or turning her back on the dark and risky organized crime business her parents run.

For Christopher Montgomery, Oroville, California is the hometown he was born and raised in with respect, morals, and responsibility from an early age. In his seventeenth year, on the first day of summer, he woke up feeling a change in the air. Something felt off, different as if his life would never be the same.

When a new family arrives to the Castillo Yacht Club, Lorelai sets her eyes on the handsome new boy in town. Will Lorelai spend her summer alone? Or will she find a way to heat up the bitter cold Sausalito Nights?

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Rating ★★★

Decent story

She comes from a mob family, he's the new kid in the neighborhood. When they meet its an instant connection. She is forbidden from seeing him and he's been told to stay away from her. But do they listen? This was an okay book for me. Lots of sex during the first half, which I skipped most of. I just personally do not care for sex scenes when they are under 18. The mob action didn't start for me until the second half of the book. It was a decent story, I just prefer more mob action.

Rating ★★★★


I enjoyed the story but started a bit slow for me, it’s a lovely story of forbidden love just the start was a little much for my taste in reads. I preferred the second half.

Stephanie was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. She lives, breathes, and drinks in fangirling over her favorite celebs, her dog, and being a self-appointed social media snob. She's got a wild imagination by nature, which drove her to write. Steph tries to stay true to the phrase, "Love Yourself First." LYF is what inspired her to publish her first book. When she's not slaving over creating words to form a story, you can find her feeding her caffeine addiction, traveling or spending time with her friends and family.


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