REVIEW: Scoring the Quarterback by S.M. Soto

Title: Scoring The Quaterback

Series: San Diegan

Author: S.M. Soto

Genre: Romance, Sports

Publication Date: May 15, 2018

Series Reading Order

The Darkest Hour

Scoring the Quarterback

Sarah's thoughts...

A new to me author and what a great way to be introduced. The character build up was steady and the friendships between them were solid. Natalia, has it tough growing up and in her adult life it doesn't get much better with her wicked half sister. Luke, the hot QB, the typical jock. I would of liked more from his P.O.V, I think. His typical ways aren't in your face, which is a nice change but also kind of lacks the whole point of been promiscuous. Totally threw me with what he did, in no less than a day though, it actually broke my heart for Natalia. I was totally cheering Sam on! A great read, that's given me another author to read more of.

Laura's thoughts...