Review: Sex Material by Victoria Ashley

Title: Sex Material

Author: Victoria Ashley

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Publication Date: November 21st, 2018

Well shit !!! I think I need a cold shower after this one. Victoria Ashley has this knack for writing sex scenes that will have your kindle heating up and to the point of combustion. Not too mention she’s written a Male character that is a complete jerk face. My favourite kinds of characters. And she nailed it with Jensen. I seriously wanted to smack the ever loving shit out of him. Arrogant and says the wrong thing at the wrong time. He pushes your buttons and at times it makes you want to scream in anger and in other times you think hot dayummm. Cami I freaking loved her. First her jackass of an ex deserves to be castrated, but then again her and Jensen would not have met had he not be an utter shit. With Cami and Jensen the tension, the hate and the attraction is at an all time high. These two could seriously go at it with one another, in more ways then one. And Jensen behind that rough exterior lies a man who had bee punishing himself and in turn those around him and it seems that Cami is just what is needed to bring him back to life so to speak. Loved this book, an enemies to lovers romance that is so steamy your kindle might actually heat up.