REVIEW: Shameless King by Maya Hughes

Title: Shameless King Series: Kings of Rittenhouse Author: Maya Hughes

Genre: Romance, Sports, New Adult

Publication Date: June 28, 2018

Series Reading Order

Kings of Rittenhouse: A Shameless King Prequel

Shameless King

Reckless King

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Claire's thoughts...

In high school she is known as the Ice Queen but nobody knows why she has to be that way, there are things going on at home that nobody understands. Hockey is his life, his destiny! Going to college is his mums dream for him and he is willing to do anything for his mum. With both of them feeling that the other has had it so easy, when they are thrown together as seniors at college and the have to be partners for every assessment for the one class neither of them even want to be in but can't miss. Can Declan and Makenna work it out so that they can get the grades they need to pass this class? I really liked this book and the story held my attention the whole way through!

Sarah's thoughts...

A great start to a promising series. An enemies to lovers that had the spark from the get go. Enough to introduce the rest of the Kings and learn a little about them for their own stories too.