Review: Side Show by Gigi Birtie

Title: Side Show

Series: Lust & Chrome Duet

Author: Gigi Birtie

Genre: Contemporary Romance / Sports Romance

Release Date: November 13, 2018

Sloane Nova Cates is used to taking her life into her own hands.

The thrill of illegal and deadly underground car side shows on the city streets of Oakland use to make her feel alive, invincible even… But the risk of getting run over, arrested or even shot are nothing compared to the danger of Taze, her psychotic ex-boyfriend who tried to snatch her up, and force her to work in a sex ring.

Once Sloane thought she had gotten rid of Taze. Life had moved on, with many poor choices in relationships and experiencing more emotional pain along the way.

Then she finally meets HIM, a gorgeous and captivating soul that makes her heart begin to heal.

But the ghosts from the past don’t rest easily.

Taze pays Sloane a surprise visit, assuring her that he’s back to make good on his promise—and he won’t take no for an answer.

Will Sloane continue to do stunts in the side show circuit without further incidents? Can Sloane reclaim her life from the hands of this vicious psychopath, and save herself from her troubled past? Or will someone take away everything?

Sexy, action-packed, and suspenseful until the very end, Side Show The Lust & Chrome duet will hook you until the last page. Order your copy today!

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