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Review: SNOW KISSES by Elaine Marie

Author: Elaine Marie

Genre: Contemporary Romance Publication Date: December 12, 2016

New job. Sexy boss. The first snow of the season. Snow Kisses is exactly what you need to warm up during the cold winter months. Whynter Storm arrived at DM Industries to complete an employment application. After accidentally meeting the sexy and powerful owner, Dominic Montgomery, they fall into flirtatious and friendly rhetoric. An impromptu interview with the big boss man lands her in the perfect job - only it’s based on a mistaken identity. With the help of Whynter’s great sense of humor, flirtatious banter and engaging vibes, she and Mr. Montgomery begin a unique professional relationship. After a dinner meeting the strict company policy of no office romance becomes difficult to follow. The only thing she’s ever wanted was someone to look at her as if she were the last woman on earth…someone who would do anything to be with her, and she thinks Dominic could be the one. Will Whynter and Dominic choose to cross the line and break company policy? Will he be able to overlook the omission of her identity for a chance at true love?

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Rating ★★★

Dominic and Whynter meet in a case of mistaken identity. While working together the mutual attraction between them grows until they can't deny their feelings but with Dominic's strict rule of now work place relationships will their releationship ever be able to go forward? Nice quick read.

I’m a true Jersey girl at heart. I currently reside in the beautiful Garden State—Northern New Jersey—with my hubby, three amazing children and our dogs and cats.

I love football and hockey and in my spare time I enjoy cheering on my kids during their after-school activities and reading.


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